Cast Iron Piping: Replace it or Not

If you’re buying a home built before 1970 there’s a good chance your drain waste system is made of cast iron. Opinions vary about the functionality and durability of cast [...]

Keeping your House Safe

Summer is upon on us and with it comes higher crime rates. July and August are the busiest months for burglaries. This subject has been on my mind a lot lately. Mostly due to a break in that took place at my business storage unit and also due to the burglaries of friends and customers alike. What I’d like to offer you is this: A few tips to keep your home more secure. No home is burglar proof but any home can become more of a deterrent than an attraction to thieves.

Texas Termites

Texas termites have all of the tenacity and swagger of Texans, so if you’ve had your home treated you are off to a good start. Yeah that’s right, I said start. Treating your home once won’t be enough. Unless of course you only plan on living there for a few months. If you plan to enjoy that lovely castle for a longer period of time then you’ll want to remember these four steps for keeping termites away.