Standard home inspection

During the home inspection, we will inspect the following items: Roof covering and drainage, slab, pier and beam foundations, attic ventilation and insulation, doors and windows, interior and exterior walls, plumbing and electrical systems, HVAC systems (including window units), kitchens (most appliances), and bathrooms. Foundation elevations are included with every Austin home inspection.

Click below for the TREC Standards of Practice for a full list of what a general home inspection covers.

For your convenience, some items are not included in the standard home inspection but are offered as an ancillary service.

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Austin realtors and homeowners know that the presence of mold can quickly upset a transaction. For peace of mind before you buy or sell, hire a licensed DBL Check LLC mold inspector for accurate mold inspections and testing.

DBL Check LLC Mold inspectors are licensed and trained in identifying mold and the conditions conducive to its growth. Our professionals use effective mold testing and moisture screening procedures to help identify potential problems.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging allows the home inspector to extend his abilities and identify any hidden defects in a home IR (infrared).

Scanning is safe, non-invasive and high tech protects the consumer from undisclosed or unknown problems that could cost them thousands of dollars in repairs provides the client with in-depth information that could help them make a wise decision instead of an impulsive one.



Let DBL Check perform your termite inspection when you order your home inspection. You’ll write one check and only make one phone call. Hassle-free service the DBL Check way. TDA No: 0584713


This inspection will evaluate the pools compliance with modern electrical and structural safety standards as well as the pools chemical and mechanical health.


All zones of the homes sprinkler system will be tested in order to evaluate proper sprinkler head performance and zone operation.


Sheds, outbuildings, and other non-attached structures on the property will be inspected.