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Sewer Scope

A sewer scope is a video inspection of the private sewer lateral line leading from the house and connecting to the city or HOA tap, or septic tank.*

The sewer drains are one of the most important and overlooked components of the home. Sewer drain repairs are also among the most expensive repairs for homeowners. Blockage, broken pipes, and sewage leakage may create conditions that lead to structural damage, and even health problems for the occupants. Problems may occur in new and old homes alike.

*Branch drains leading to the main drain below the home are not inspected. The Sewer Scope is limited to the mainline below the home and the lateral line leading to the City tap, HOA tap or septic tank. 

Causes for Sewer Drain Repairs

Deteriorating Materials

Many older homes were sewer-connected by clay, concrete, or cast iron materials. As pipes age, they become brittle and may crack from root invasion, corrosion, or changing ground conditions.

Tree Roots

Invasive tree roots will find the smallest crack in a line to force their way through. Tree roots grow quickly, and can soon block and damage a line.

Poor Installation

The most common installation problems are improper joints with severe angles and poorly fitted connections. Poor installation will allow moisture to exit the pipe and roots to enter it. Pipes crushed during new construction will create a condition for blockages.

Settling Pipes

Sewer lines placed in improperly compacted or supported trenches sink and create low spots. These bellies create a settling point and cause slow sludge buildup until blockages occur.

Ground Shifting

Groundwater table changes, nearby excavations may create problems that did not exist during the building of the home. Pipes blocked by ground shifting usually require expensive digs and repairs. A sewer line inspection will reveal shifting ground conditions.

Deferred Maintenance

Not all homeowners take measures to keep their structural and mechanical systems clean, and free from defects. Don’t inherit a problem caused by someones else’s lack of attention to the home.

You may now order a Sewer Scope Inspection with DBL Check LLC. 

The Sewer Scope Inspection will be performed during the home inspection, and the result will be delivered with the inspection report. The process could not be easier! Know your home, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a thorough home inspection with DBL Check LLC.