Texas termites have all of the tenacity and swagger of Texans, so if you’ve had a property inspection and had your home treated you are off to a good start. Unfortunately, that’s only a startTreating your home once won’t be enough. Unless of course you only plan on living there for a few months. If you plan to enjoy that lovely castle for a longer period of time then you’ll want to remember these four steps for keeping termites away. If you live in Austin, home inspections are vital to keep these pests at bay!


Step one: Get a property inspection and treat your home.

If you have had your home treated more than three years ago, it may be time to pick up that phone and call for a termite property inspection and possibly a treatment. Modern treatments are less toxic and as a result don’t last as long. Most pest control companies offer an ongoing evaluation of your property for a nominal fee.


Step two: Stop giving them water.

Make sure your gutters are sloping and draining properly. Move some dirt around in the yard to allow for a 6” drop for every ten feet of soil. Water should always move away from a home not towards it.

 If you have any leaky pipes, get them fixed. Not only do they provide a drink for pests, but they can cause hidden mold and mildew in your home. If you’ve noticed a leak or excess moisture, you may need a mold inspection to ensure your home isn’t putting your health at risk.


Step three: Don’t invite them over for dinner.

Any wood piles that are close to the home should be moved. The most common sources for a termite’s dinner typically come from wood that homeowners don’t typically think about, so be sure to check your home thoroughly inside and out.

  • Old tree stumps are popular hang outs for termites and should be removed. 
  • Wood siding should be painted or treated. 
  • Any wood decks or porches should be resting on a concrete pad at least one inch above the ground. 
  • Try to keep your garden beds at least twelve inches away from your home. 

You wouldn’t put a can of food out for a stray cat that you’re trying to keep away, so why offer termites their most delectable prize?


Step four: Keep your eyes peeled.

While you’re outside working, look for any signs of termites, such as small, pencil sized tubes on a foundation wall or perhaps some damage to your wood siding. Always be diligent!

If you do see signs of Texas termites, give us a call for a thorough home inspection. DBL Check will completely handle the scheduling of your termite property inspection and ensure your home is back in working order in no time.