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Before you schedule please review some commonly asked questions about scheduling.

Is there a cancellation fee?
Yes, In the event Client or its Agent cancels the Inspection with less than forty-eight hours’ notice to Inspector, Client will pay a cancellation fee of fifty percent (50%) of the agreed upon Fee. This Cancellation Fee is not intended as a penalty, but rather, quantifies a level of uncertainty and allocates the risk of that uncertainty between the Parties and fairly compensates the Inspector for the missed appointment and forgoing other inspections or clients.

Do you have special rates for multiplex or high rise condos?
Yes, please contact the office directly for that pricing.

Do you perform construction phase inspections?
No, though we confidently refer that work to Aaron Weaver at Building Code Professionals: (512) 689-6425.

How do I schedule a Mold Inspection?
If you’re scheduling a mold inspection with a home inspection you may do so via the online scheduler. If you’re needing a stand-alone mold inspection or mold remediation protocol you must schedule with the office at (512) 669-9909. Just ask for Aaron.